Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) will be holding a concert at Hong Kong Coliseum in February 2019 and received supports from his good friends including Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文), Eric Kot (葛民輝), Jordan Chan (陳小春), Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) and Gigi Lai (黎姿). Sammi, Eric and Ekin shared their amusing incidents during the shooting around 20 years ago during an interview with a radio station.

Sammi was reminded of the memories upon looking at an old movie poster: “I remembered the photographer told me to pose casually when shooting the movie poster and it was wrapped up quickly. At the time, I joined the industry not long ago and relied on my youth to play and work together.”

Ekin then pointed to Sammi and exposed her: “Once we were filming at the roof top, she was dressed in school uniform and suddenly requested to go for sun tanning. Sammi laid down on the floor immediately and I was thinking that she already had many freckles. Haha.”

Sammi remarked that Ekin was a playful, energetic and outgoing man and they remained good friends even after 20 years. She also demanded to check his thighs: “Heard that Ekin has big thighs which resemble to a tree trunk.” Sammi used her hands to measure his thighs and said: “It is fake.” Ekin explained that he used to train in gym frequently.

Subsequently, Eric suggested three of them sang the song (問我) for the competition in the film again and could be used as warm up for the concert. Sammi begun to play the guitar while singing. Eric and Ekin took the drum and maraca to dance and it became an amusing sight when they were in the wrong positions.

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