TV Queen (視后), Ali Lee (李佳芯) accepted an interview after winning an award and expressed she would be going to bed with the trophy. When asked if she felt surprised to emerge as the winner, Ali said: “Initially, I reckon I will win Most Popular Female Character (最受歡迎電視女角色) award and do not expect to become a big winner. It does not represent that I lack of confidence and there are many factors during an award ceremony. Hence, I cannot let go of it at all.”

When asked about the reason for not thanking her boyfriend, Danny Chan (陳炳銓), Ali said: “Do I need to behave in high profile? I behave this way all along. (Nobody expects you to win?) Not really and my colleagues did guess I am the winner. (Need to see a doctor after winning the award?) A basic body check-up and it is normal. I will be having a vacation after that.”

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