Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉) attended the press conference of TVB new show (電競王) on 13th December 2018. When mentioned about the trend of the games, Kelly replied she got to know a group of “friends” through playing games: “They will give me powerful weapons or help me to shield the bullets if someones tries to kill me.” She cherished the friendship and would be exchanging their games knowledge during Christmas.

Kelly added playing games increased her knowledge about guns: “Recently, I saw a cop carrying a gun, UMP9 when standing outside the door. I reckon I know the gun model upon looking at the shape and size.”

When asked if she received any unforgettable present since she would be exchanging gifts with her friends during Christmas, Kelly said: “Someone gave a gift full of female hygienic stuff to my friend before. Fortunately, I am not the recipient.”

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