Let’s congratulate Alice Chan (陳煒) again for winning Most Popular Female Character (最受歡迎電視女角色) Award during 2018 TVB Anniversary Awards (萬千星輝頒獎典禮2018). During the thank-you speech, she expressed her gratitude to TVB for signing contract with her at the rock bottom of her life. Alice’s glory moment finally arrived after 6 years of hard work. In 2008, she announced her withdrawal from showbiz and relocated to Taiwan after married to a businessman, James Yen (顏志行). Unfortunately, the marriage lasted for 4 years and Alice made a comeback in TVB in 2012. The divorce news was only unveiled in 2017.

During the speech, Alice also thanked the senior management team in TVB for recognising her culinary skills other than acting skills. She hosted a food show, Wai Gor’s Wok (煒哥的味道) in 2016 and it received positive responses from the audiences, especially when inviting her ex-husband, James and calling him as “hubby” in one of the episodes.

At the point, Alice and James had separated while shooting Wai Gor’s Wok show together and why are they deceiving the audiences? She explained: “I have no courage to explain the whole issue and clueless about calling him in the show. Hence, I decided to call him as “hubby”. Honestly, our relationship is not as bad as the public think and I do not force him to appear in the show. It is because he loves food show very much and is extremely interested in food ingredients, since owning a restaurant in Taiwan. Wai Gor’s show brings everyone to look for original ingredients and the film director invites James to make an appearance.”

In August 2017, many Hong Kong media discovered James and a Taiwanese female singer were seen together frequently and attended a friend’s wedding in Bali. During an interview at the time, Alice admitted they had filed for divorce in 2012 and kept avoiding relationship questions. Why the sudden change? She said: “Because I know that woman and she has a good personality. I do not want to hurt her. Although it is Hong Kong news, but she can read it in Taiwan and it affects her reputation. (Try not to implicate her?) In order to let go of it.”

Alice has been single for 6 years and focusing on her acting career. When asked about the second season of Wai Gor’s Wok show, she said: “I reckon the film producer is trying to escape. I really want to share my culinary skills through the show but the hectic work schedule makes it impossible. Perhaps we have to wait until next year or summer.” As Alice has been using her work to forget her relationship sorrows, but she begins to change her mindset and await for a new romance: “Who does not want a companion? I feel lonely and ponder about the reason for remaining single at times. It is time to think about it but I will not make the first move and need to test the water first.”

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