Tony Hung’s (洪永城) good friend, Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) announced she was married during TVB Anniversary Awards a few days ago. He expressed he was kept in the dark and pointed she hid it well during the promotion campaign for The Learning Curve of a Warlord (大帥哥) drama on 18th December 2018. However, he believed it was a perfect moment to make an announcement and he would respect her. When mentioned about Raymond Cho (曹永廉) was aware of it long ago, Tony pretended to feel helpless and said: “I am not mad at all but feel happy for them. We will be having dinner together later or go to their house for Christmas celebration. (Prepare any gift for them?) A vacation? A pair of ferry tickets (return trip) from Hong Kong to Macau.” He was reminded that Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) was in a confused state when shooting the show (黃金有罪) together 2 nights ago and begun to realise the reason behind.

Asking about Christmas celebration plan with his girlfriend, Inez Leong (梁諾妍), Tony said: “We are dating and need to think if there is any other activities. (Announcing flash marriage?) Not now and you are making me speechless. Anyway, it is not bad and I am thinking of buying a game for her as Christmas gift since she wants to play games badly. Hopefully we get to play it together.”

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