Expecting Grace Chan wore 5 inches high heels during an activity (六福珠寶賽馬日) at a racecourse in Sha Tin on 16th December 2018.

2018 marks the first Christmas that Grace will be celebrating together with her husband, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎). She told him she did not want any present and it made him suspect if Grace was lying to him: “He asked me if I wanted any gift but could not think of any. I decide we do not need to give presents to each other so as to reduce our stress.” She added Kevin gave her an expensive wedding ring and dared not wear it, as Grace was worried about losing it.

Grace disclosed Kevin and she would be giving jewellery to their child so as to keep it a memory. When asked about the baby gender, Grace replied she planned to announce it before Christmas and had gained weight exceeding 10 pound since expecting. Hence, she dared not weigh herself again and tried to enjoy the pregnancy process.

Credit To: https://ol.mingpao.com/php/showbiz3.php?nodeid=1544953887818&subcate=latest&issue=20181216