Raymond Lam (林峯) attended an event (六福珠寶賽馬日) at racecourse in Sha Tin on 16th December 2018. When asked if he had any interest to become a horse owner, Raymond replied many friends were horse owners: “They keep asking me and let me think about it next year. (Invest with your friends?) Yes. It can be treated as a place for our gathering. (Good at picking horse?) Totally clueless. May not win even if I bet on it. (Think of any name yet?) No idea and let me discuss with my friend first.”

Checking about his plan for Christmas, Raymond responded he would be celebrating with his family and friends. When asked if he would take his partner along, he ignored it immediately. Revealing his old love, Karena Ng (吳千言) had intention for reconciliation, Raymond said coldly: “No reply. A year ago, I told the reporters to focus on my work and it is not easy to shoot 4 films this year. We spend lots of time and efforts and please focus on our work.”

As a filial son, Raymond usually obtained discount from the sponsors so as to buy jewellery for his parent. He also planned to buy a gift for himself: “I will ask the client to sponsor the jewellery when I am getting married in the future and starting a new chapter in my life. My parent does not leave any heirloom and I rely on myself and chat with them.”

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