Johnson Lee (李思捷), Iris Lam (林凱恩), Serene Lim (林宣妤) and Stitch Yu (余思霆) were having a location shooting for TVB drama, Her Her Her Girl’s Generation (她她她的少女時代) at the Central a few days ago. Johnson wore a normal top and played a delivery driver in the series. From the look of it, he does resemble a real driver.

The scene illustrated Johnson was offloading the goods from the van while Iris, Serene and Stitch were chatting together. Subsequently, he joined in the conversation and Serene and Stitch begun to walk away. Iris then carried a bag of stuff from the van and left after talking to Johnson for a short and he closed the door thereafter.

While waiting for the filming to resume, Johnson was seen smoking and Iris, Serene and Stitch kept a distance from him immediately upon discovering the reporters. It is uncertain if they are afraid of rumours and the team changed the location shooting after taking 30 minutes to wrap up the scene.

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