New film, The Lady Improper (非分熟女) starring Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) is exposed lately. It shows her naked back view in the bathtub and her action is perceived monologue: “I was married previously and there is nothing which I can describe myself. I am clueless about my identity and even transform into someone whom I have no idea of…… I was married for 4 years and remain a virgin.”

As the poster was perceived monologue and created a fertile imagination, Charlene said: “I do not think so much and know the highlight of the role character all along. The problem of my role character is not sexy but a disorder. (Your naked back view is considered the most daring performance since joining the industry?) It is very safe. We shoot in many different angles and the effects are quite shocking.”

Charlene hoped the audiences would understand the message of the film and the purpose of that particular scene: “I watched an Europe movie before and the audiences seldom focus on that scene. Everyone watches the film seriously and the limit of Hong Kong audiences’ acceptances have increased now. Perhaps some people will continue to focus on that scene but I feel there is no problem at all. We must use such action to portray the role character’s inner struggle.”

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