Raymond Wong (黃浩然) attended a press conference (慈善賣嘢王) on 19th December 2018. He urged everyone to support the charity dinner banquet to raise donation for children with illnesses on 21st January 2019 and would be donating the watch that he wore during My Wonder Women (多功能老婆) drama and group photo of Forensic Heroes IV (法證先鋒IV) series.

When mentioned about Christmas was arriving, Raymond felt envy of other colleagues having holidays and planned to request for a day off on Christmas eve from the film producer, in order to have dinner with his family. Asking if he received any complaints from his family, Raymond said: “My wife is working on Charlene Choi’s (蔡卓妍) new film and my parent is taking care of my children. What I can do is to decorate Christmas tree together with them.”

Credit To: https://ol.mingpao.com/php/showbiz3.php?nodeid=1545220919733&subcate=latest&issue=20181219