Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) was forced to help her daughter, Etta (卓林) to pay the rental and three of them including her wife, Andi returned to her flat in Tai Hang subsequently. Elaine expressed Etta and Andi had moved away during an event on 21st December 2018: “Everyone has different perspectives and I cannot force them to do something they dislike. (Persuade Etta to stay with you?) Nope. Let her have a good experience outside and I can only remind her.” She admitted she was trying to mend the relationship with her daughter and would definitely help her if it was a reasonable request and within her abilities. However, Elaine rejected to reveal if it included financial assistance.

Elaine was uncertain if Andy was able to help Etta. When asked if she was worried about Etta owing rental again, Elaine said: “Nothing is perfect and it is not within my control. We seldom chat together and I can give her my guidance only.” Mentioning that Etta was bullied when studying in Shanghai, Elaine replied there was positive and negative points and it depended on the handling. When checked if Jackie Chan (成龍) contacted her because of Etta previously, Elaine said: “No reply since it is unrelated to me.”

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