Chinese artiste, Yang Mi (楊冪) and Hawick Lau (劉愷威) are rumoured to have marriage problems all the way and finally admitted to ending their 5 years marriage through their work studios during Dongzhi Festival on 22nd December 2018. It becomes a heated discussion immediately especially when Yang Mi accepted an interview related to enjoying her life as a single woman during a Chinese show (不止於她) lately.

The show was aired on 18th December 2018 and Yang Mi announced the divorce after 5 days later. It is believed that she already has marriage problem during the interview at the time and is giving hints when discussing about certain topics. Mentioning about not looking back to the past, Yang Mi replied she would let it go and refrain from thinking too much: “It is pointless and waste of time when one keeps thinking about the past. Yesterday has passed and it is unrelated to me despite the beautiful memories.” It goes to show that she enjoys the current status.

As Yang Mi was very independent, she found it hard to change other people as everyone had different perspectives: “Everybody has his/ her own thinking and it is unnecessary to change others. Why should we change them? Nobody is perfect and we might have our own tempers and weaknesses. Hence, he has his own mindset and why do we want to change him?” From the look of it, Yang Mi is definitely a career woman who sets her own principles.

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