Andy Lau (劉德華) was forced to stop singing halfway during the 14th session of his concert in Hong Kong Coliseum on 28th December 2018 due to a serious throat infection. On 29th December, the organisation committee announced the concert cancellation on 29th and 30th December and alternative arrangements thereafter. Andy is supposed to hold the final session of his concert on 3rd January 2018 and it is uncertain if he will be making up for the remaining 3 sessions. Based on the availability in Hong Kong Coliseum, it is most likely that Andy might be rescheduling it on 4th January 2019 and Jacky Cheung (張學友) is holding his concert on 11th January 2019. Looking back at the record, Jacky cancelled the remaining 2 sessions of his concert due to losing his voice from a heavy flu in September 2007 and made rearrangements after that. As for the audiences who purchased the tickets at $6000 from the black market, they showed their dissatisfactions when Consumer Council (消委會) reminded the customers that they will be refunded based on the original amount only.

Apparently, Andy was supposed to hold his concert in end 2017 but suffered from heavy injuries during horse riding and it was postponed to this year as a result. In early September 2018, some citizens were attacked while queuing to buy the tickets and Andy changed it to online ticket sales immediately. On 28th December, he lost his voice while singing until 9pm and tears came down on his face while announcing to halt the concert.

Despite the announcement of the concert cancellation on 29th December, more than 10 fans remained outside Hong Kong Coliseum when the staff were posting the notice.

Ms Wu (吳小姐) who comes from Wuhan (武漢) expressed that she chose to keep the ticket for memory although it cost $580 and felt it was a pity. As for another female fan who comes from Jiangsu and purchased the ticket at $980: “I specially travel to Hong Kong and it is a pity. Hope he will have a good rest and remain 17 years old always.” A male fan known as Andy Zhang from Sichuan said: “I will keep the ticket and give it to my son when he gets older. Really look forward to see Andy but it does not matter and we know how to sing all of his songs.”

In addition, some audiences posted messages online and asked if they could lodge a police report as they bought the tickets from the black market at $6000 and could not reach them now. A spokesperson from Consumer Council expressed that the refunds would be make to the customers based on original amount and reminded them to make rational decisions.

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