Fiona Sit (薛凱琪) participated in Chinese reality show (完美的餐廳) lately. Other than cleaning and serving the customers, she had to pick the food ingredients personally: “It is surprising that I need to cook as well. I stay near the farm and have to pick the food ingredients by myself. Fortunately, I learn to make corn soup from Joey Leung (梁祖堯) and keep recommending it to the customers. I need to do everything personally and the staff even ask if there is any leftover soup for them. It shows I make good soup.”

Fiona expressed she was forced to wear the uniform for rice milling: “I am wearing a flowery dress and the staff said it was out of stock online. Perhaps the audiences find it beautiful and buy in bulk upon seeing us wearing it.”

Fiona added that she learned to cherish all food ingredients after the show and cook the leftover for them. The weather was humid during the day of the shooting but it made Fiona felt comfortable, as she could enjoy the nature.

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