Chinese actress, Yang Mi (楊冪) and Hawick Lau (劉愷威) ended their 5 years marriage and announced the divorce news through their work studio in December 2018. Although it is a peaceful separation, but Yang Mi is exposed for taking care of her daughter for 37 days within 3 years and hinted to fight for her daughter’s custody through her friends lately. Hence, it becomes a heated discussion once again.

As Yang Mi seldom interacts with her daughter, she used 132 words to describe her suffering and the accusations from the public through the text within her friends’ group chat: “I need to go for caesarian section and it is extremely painful. I am the one who accompanies my daughter and my fans do not even know that I return home. I will not use her to gain attention and please stop spreading rumours immediately. My silence does not represent I do not love her and it does not mean I am working everyday.”

In the message, Yang Mi is trying to explain she dotes on her daughter very much and it is not lesser than Hawick. Thus, many netizens suspect that she is making preparations to fight for her daughter’s custody and feel hard pain for her. However on a second look, the message content does not resemble Yang Mi’s style and both have agreed to take care of their daughter together earlier. What do you think?