It was Gillian Chung’s (鍾欣潼) first public appearance after married and she did not wear her wedding ring during an event on 5th January 2019. She explained: “Sometimes, I have water retention and my fingers feel very painful. Michael Lai (賴弘國) will be very mad if I lose the ring.” She admitted there was not much changes after married and they continued to work separately in overseas.

She revealed Michael would be coming over to Hong Kong after completing his work: “Please call me Mrs Lai frequently so that I will get used to it. He accompanied me to Macau to work on New Year’s eve and we had a countdown in the car. I feel contented as long as my loved one is with me.”

As Gillian will be turning 38 years old on 21st January, she hoped to celebrate with a group of friends instead of spending two person world. When asked about her honeymoon, Gillian said: “My husband and I are thinking of Paris but worry about the safety and cold weather.”

Mentioning that she needed to distribute red packets during lunar new year, Gillian said: “I should get married later.” She added she would be travelling to Taiwan to visit his family during lunar new year and both did not have any baby plans yet.