Since Chinese television host, Cui Yongyuan (崔永元) exposed Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) was suspected of involving in tax evasion issue last year, she disappeared in showbiz for several months and it caused a suspension in her career. She finally admitted to it and promised to pay $1 billion (HKD) fine. Lately, some news source reported that Bingbing was planning to make a comeback in March 2019 and shooting sunglasses advertisement as the spokesperson.

Apparently, Bingbing works with the sunglasses company for several years and they do not terminate the contract despite the tax evasion issue. Earlier, she took some photos for the commercial which was circulating online and became a heated discussion among the netizens. Her fans felt happy to see her again and praised she was brave. However, some netizens commented she looked old-fashioned in the advertisement and was in a hurry to make money again after the scandal. It is believed that Bingbing tries to make a comeback quickly after paying a hefty fine.