It is Niki Chow’s (周勵淇) first public appearance after her marriage at an event on 11th January 2019. When asked if she got along well with her husband, Fu Yiming’s (傅浤鳴) son (8 years old) from his previous marriage, she said: “I do not want to talk much as it involves other child. Please give me some privacy. Thank you for the concern. (Any feelings as the stepmother?) It does not matter. I want to keep it low-key and refrain from affecting others. (Affecting the child?) Yes. (Any thoughts as the stepmother?) An identity is a minor issue and it is over now. I am aware of it when we are together and do not mind it at all. (Your hubby amends his name to prevent others from checking his background?) Nope. He has changed it for some time and takes the opportunity to announce it together with our marriage news.”

Checking if she could get along well with her husband’s son again, Niki smiled before answering: “We are okay and please leave it to us.” When mentioned that she was pointed as the third party, Niki denied it as they developed their relationship from dating to married for a year: “I do feel unhappy when the gossips are wide spreading and it is impossible to explain one by one. Anyway, it is fake news. My hubby feels it is unfair to me and I should speak up for myself. Thus, I told him to cool down. (Defending your husband as he is pointed as a jerk?) No need to. We cannot control others’ thinking and it is expected when working in showbiz. Anyway, I ignore it and our marriage is a happy news.”

In addition, Niki expressed she had no intention to hold a wedding banquet in Hong Kong: “I choose travelling to get married as it is simpler. (Where do you get married?) Overseas. I prefer to keep it low key. (Why?) I love it and it has been my style since joining the industry. Please give us some privacy and hope everyone understands. (Are you expecting now?) Nope. Look at my tummy. (Slightly bigger?) Are you sure? A small belly only. (Double happiness?) Too many versions and I am definitely not expecting now. I may have a baby in the future and let nature take its course. (Having a baby?) Not now. (Because your husband has a son?) It is unrelated. We want to spend two person world and focus on our careers. Let’s take it slowly. (You are turning 40 years old soon?) I do understand and everyone is concerned about us. However, I do not want to have a baby because of the time and age. We really want to enjoy it slowly and please give us a year. (Freeze your eggs?) There is no differences now and what matters most is to nourish my body.”