Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) announced that he changed his name to (梁競徽) a few days ago. He said online on 7th January 2018: “It is happy news and I forgot to bring my wallet yesterday. I feel grateful when the fuel station assistant offers to pay for me as they love my drama very much.”

The netizens commented it was a good deed and their first time to see a fan to give fuel as a gift. Some netizens believed Oscar was given “discount” as he was a celebrity: “Artistes indeed have high status and have you return the money to her?” Several reminded Oscar to return money and he would be considered a high-class person.

Although Oscar is given a new nickname, making friends “勁廢”, but he continues to receive supports from many audiences and fans. Countless of fans also left their messages that they loved to watch his drama.

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190107/59115823