Stephen Chow (周星馳) attended the press conference of the new film, The New King of Comedy (新喜劇之王) in Beijing on 12th January 2019. He led a group of girls when making his first appearance and it turned out that they were related to Stephen’s fighting story.

The organisation committee played the MV of the film theme song (疾風) right at the beginning. Stephen expressed he specially invited Danny Chan (陳百強) as the song motivated him in his acting career. When he was an extra, Stephen listened to the song (疾風) sang by Danny in order to give him determination and decided to encourage people by using it in the movie: “Continue to work hard and never give up! Believe in yourself and you are the king of comedy in your life!”

In addition, the group of girls consisting of Candy (李子璇), Liu Ren Yu (劉人語), Judy Qi (戚硯笛), (高穎浠) and (呂小雨) will be illustrating the song and Stephen revealed his reason for choosing them: “Hopefully they can encourage young people to pursue their dreams and fight against any obstacles bravely.” As for the group of girls in their nineties, they felt excited to meet Stephen: “He behaves like an elder brother and always cares about others despite a silent person.” He added he even learned dancing from them and it shows there is no limit to enhance the knowledge regardless of the age.