Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) enters the showbiz as a singer and decides to challenge the acting industry. In Wife Interrupted (救妻同學會) drama, he played a hero who saved the beauty and believed everyone had the same dream in reality. However, it did not happen to him and Hubert lent his homework to his female classmates during his schooling days. Hubert believed he was a romantic lover: “I am a romantic person when little and willing to spend time to make my girlfriend happy. I baked a cake for my first love and made a book by choosing her photos on Facebook. She loved it and praised it was a meaningful gift with full of sincerity.”

When asked about his love life, Hubert replied he was currently waiting for the right person to appear: “I am focusing on my career and it depends on destiny. She must be mature and takes care of me well since having a childish temper at times. Of course, I can take care of her too and do not mind listening to her, if she is better than me.”

Checking if he could date both genders when reminded of the rumours related to his “hehe” romance with Alfred Hui (許廷鏗) earlier, Hubert smiled in embarrassment and said: “This question…… I should be choosing a girl at this moment. (Any dream lover?) Nope but JJ Lin (林俊傑). He is very talented in music area and I treat him as my role model.”