Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) gained some weight earlier and appeared to slim down on 11th January 2019. She expressed she tried to lose weight due to filming new series, Airport Security Unit (機場特警) and had lost 10 pound successfully. Roxanne explained she deliberately gained weight in order to compete with her sister in terms of body figure and stopped doing it, as she seldom saw her sister now.

Roxanne received guidance about her love life from the master, Li Kui Ming (李居明) while shooting the show (新春開運王): “He predicted 3 guys will be appearing and the man whom I pick will be my Mr Right in August. Good news will be happening to me next year. [Including Joey Law (羅天宇) and Cheng Tsz Bong (鄭子邦)?] Please do not talk about this. I will understand if someone is interested in me or dating me during Valentine’s Day.”