Stephen Chow’s (周星馳) The New King of Comedy (新喜劇之王) film is set off to release on day 1 of Lunar New Year and his fans realise most cast team members have changed after watching the preview. Many people look forward to the classic team consisting of Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) playing Lau Piu Piu (柳飄飄) and Stephen acting as Wan Tin Sau (尹天仇) in King of Comedy (喜劇之王) movie again. It turns out that he has invited her to make a cameo appearance and their reunion remind them of their old memories. Stephen emphasised Cecilia was his first choice if shooting King of Comedy film for the second time.

After 20 years later, the reunion between Tin Sau and Piu Piu made both parties felt emotional and Cecilia praised Stephen maintained himself well: “He continues to look young and does not look haggard as a film director.” When asked about the reason for inviting Cecilia to do voice dubbing, Stephen said: “We are shooting King of Comedy movie and who can I approach other than her?”

Cecilia was reminded of the encounter working with Stephen in her debut movie at the point: “I am not scared of him and only worry about failing to do my part well. I believe putting in my full efforts is the most important.” He defended her: “She is doing well regardless of the efforts.” She pointed it was a good choice when Stephen filmed the movie with a new plot line: “Everyone perceives him as a comedy king and he should shoot it while he has the energy.” Perhaps The New King of Comedy film will become Stephen’s another classic film.

As usual, Stephen revealed little details about the new movie and the public have to search for hints through the preview. However during a previous interview, he replied it illustrated a fighting process working as an extra and might appear similar to the first season, but there was a hidden story underneath. Other than his unique comedy style, Stephen added the female lead had similar encounter as him and Cecilia felt she could see his style in The New King of Comedy movie.