Tracy Chu (朱千雪) and her boyfriend went for holidays together to Japan earlier. She expressed she would be continuing her law studies next week during an activity at night on 11th January 2019. Tracy revealed she was currently working while studying at the same time and would be graduating in 1.5 years time. When mentioned about showing their sweet photos online, Tracy replied it did not cross her mind: “He knows I love to take photos before eating each time and used to it now since he always helps me.”

Checking if she had became a lawyer, Tracy said: “I wish to but not that fast. I have not even graduated yet. (Work as a lawyer after graduation?) Let’s see how it goes in the future. I only wish to have additional choices and the company treats me very well. I will definitely miss them. (Any marriage plans?) My career remains my top priority and I hope to change a new car this year.”