Lately, the netizens exposed 39 years old Joe Chen (陳喬恩) and Chinese actor, Du Chun (杜淳) went for flash marriage. On 15th January 2019, she made a clarification on Weibo personally: “I am currently single and not in a hurry to marry. Thank you for the concern.”

Earlier, Joe also clarified to the reporters through her work studio that the news reports related to her love life and marriage were fake but it continued to go viral online. Thus, she decided to explain on Weibo personally and urged everyone to stop pressuring her to get married.

During a variety show, The Greatest Love (旋風孝子) in 2016, Joe and Du Chun behaved intimately and became an on-screen couple. At the time, her mother had very good impression of him and their rumours begun to circulate after several news reported both were dating. Du Chun also expressed Joe and he worked separately and did not see each other again after The Greatest Love show during an interview. Hence, he was puzzled about the gossips.