Annie Man (文頌嫻) was invited to ViuTV show (友枱VIP) hosted by her good friend, Janet Chow (周家蔚) as a guest at Wan Chai on 16th January 2019. Annie praised Janet inherited her mother’s culinary talent and had the best skills among “7 devil girls” (七魔女): “Once, my mother told me to cook fish and I sought advice from Janet’s mother. I finally passed after trying for more than 10 days.”

Annie expressed her daughter was currently studying primary one and had no intention to film series again for now: “I am not ready yet and nobody approaches me anyway. Nothing can makes me place my daughter aside now.”  She complimented her good friends were good at balancing their careers and families but Annie could only focus on taking care of her family only.

When mentioned about ranked as “A grade” actress in ATV previously and her departure in 2006, Annie explained: “I have been working under the protection from the company and it is time to leave when an opportunity knocks on the door.” She also admitted that Janet shared many secrets with her when working in TVB at the time.

Asking about the friendship among “7 devil girls” during TVB as it was considered a rare gathering for 4 members, Annie said: “Everyone is busy filming drama and we lack of time for interaction. We only get to understand each other after leaving and our supports and loyalties maintain our close friendship until now.”