Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) expressed all artistes needed love luck at an event related to Lunar New Year on 14th January 2019: “Building connection is equally important and that artiste will definitely become famous within a year if he or she has benefactor.”

When the reporters pointed Crystal paid the down payment for the flat as she strived to work harder in order to pay for her share, she said: “Yes. (Helping to pay too?) No need to say much and I will definitely help if within my abilities. (Good girlfriend?) Hopefully my boyfriend will not be jobless and I must have some security too. The money will be forfeited if both of us are unemployed and cannot afford to pay. We need to think ahead and turning into a mature adult is good.”

Checking if she was considered the role model for the nineties, Crystal said: “Is it? Some classmates are smarter than me and have opened restaurants. I lack of courage and it is considered a bold move when buying a property with my boyfriend. Other than taking care of myself, we must also assist the society and I donate $10,000 to Louisa Mak (麥明詩) for cycling to Cambodia. (Did you console her?) Yes. (She speaks vulgarly when cycling?) I have no idea. It is suffering and I hope she enjoys the process though.”