Many artistes have been opening accounts and uploading their beautiful photos on Instagram in recent years. Annie Man (文頌嫻) has been taking care of her family since retiring from showbiz for many years. She also opens an account on Instagram and sharing photos such as her family and friends with everybody.

In the photo, 42 years old Annie maintains herself very well and her skin remains fair and smooth. It makes people feel envy of her when she has zero wrinkles on her face. Other than sharing photos about the friends gathering, she also uploads photo of her husband and daughter, Jamie with the decoration, happy birthday as the background. It is unsure if Annie is celebrating Jamie’s birthday and it is full of family warmth.

Many netizens felt overjoyed and commented they supported Annie for 18 years upon knowing that she had opened an account online. They looked forward to her making a comeback and loved her performance in Whatever It Takes (天子尋龍) drama in 2003.