Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) and Taiwanese actor, Chris Wu (吳慷仁) have many relationship scenes in The Lady improper (非分熟女) film. It was a daring performance when she needed to show her bare back and Charlene said: “I have made the necessary safety precautions and the lady who helps me to change clothes worked in Sex and Zen (玉蒲團) movie previously. She was good at her job and what Chris touches is a hard object, while I have no feelings at all.”

Apparently, Charlene rejected to reveal her body parts when the film director requested her and finally agreed to shoot it in different angles: “I join the industry as a child actor and it is hard to accept to reveal my body part upon growing up.” She explained Sara (雛妓) film aimed to express the thoughts of being a woman and it was her first time to play an ordinary role character to represent the public.

As for the daring performance, Charlene’s boyfriend, Anthony (石恆聰) browsed her script once knowing about the bed scenes. She said: “He grows up in overseas and reads the script more than me. He can accept it and does not provide any opinion, since he is not an actor.” Charlene added Anthony loved to watch drama films while she preferred animation and relaxing movies. Nevertheless, she accompanied him to watch drama film and they shared the same hobbies such as watching movies and eating.

When asked about her feelings for Anthony, Charlene admitted she was uncertain if he was her marriage partner but felt comfortable and happy in their relationship. Checking about her marriage plan, she said: “Tried it once. To me, a marriage consists of many factors and a promise. It is not simply about happiness and love and I am waiting for the direction from the god now. (An impulse decision and regret to marry Ronald Cheng (鄭中基) previously?) It is my own choice and I do not regret at all. It forms part of the experiences in my life and makes me what I am today.”