Charmaine Sheh’s (佘詩曼) mother, Lily is a radio DJ in Hong Kong during 1970s and has retired since she has a daughter who is known as TV Queen.  She mentioned it was suffering to bring up 3 children by herself and her hard work had paid off in an interview with East Week (東周) previously.

Lily revealed her daughter bought a village house at 3 storey high and car for her as Mother’s Day gifts while her son gave her money. It is obvious that Lily is currently living a carefree life.

Despite a stable financial life, Lily remains thrifty and the reporter from East Week happened to sit besides her while having gel manicure in Shenzhen a few days ago. The gel manicure and pedicure only cost $200 and Lily also approached a hunk for massage. It cost $250 in total and is definitely a bargain since Lily gets to enjoy a VIP treatment.