Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Giselle Chew (周雲冰) walked on the red carpet together and attended the press conference of new film, Days of Walking Together (一起走過的日子) in Malaysia on 22nd January 2019. Special guests including Anthony Wong (黃秋生), Susan Shaw (邵音音), Rachel Lam (林熹瞳), the film director, Lee Lik Chi (李力持) and other Hong Kong artistes were present and it attracted foreign media to interview them.

The plot line illustrated an encouraging love story and a car accident happened to a couple. It caused a memory loss to the woman and the man begun to have an ability to predict the future. Ron said: “It is a beautiful and romantic love story. There is not many intimate scenes and it depends on the script. To me, it is necessary to have some intimate scenes when playing a couple as to let the audiences know about it.”

As one of the investors and cast team member of the film, Giselle praised Ron had an outstanding role image in Shock Wave (拆彈專家) movie: “I believe Ron and I look good in front of the camera and he has good acting skills. I am deeply attracted by him while watching Shock Wave film.” Ron laughed and said: “I do not have much expressions in the movie.” Giselle explained: “That is why you look cool and stylish.” He said again: “It is totally unexpected.”