The flu virus is getting serious in Hong Kong and many childcare centres and kindergartens are shut down temporarily. Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) expressed her younger son was ill and running a high fever at 40 degrees Celsius during an event at a shopping mall on 20th January 2019. She felt heart pain when he even had to remove his top because of the heat: “He keeps struggling when the doctor places the cotton wool into his nose and 3 people have to hold onto him. Fortunately, his fever goes away after a day and I feel relieved after that.”

Kelly told her younger son to rest at home and could not interact with his elder brother since the maid was ill as well: “My elder son is disallowed to enter into the room upon seeing his brother sleeping in the bed. He then asked if his younger brother was going to die.”

When mentioned about Andy Lau (劉德華) was forced to cancel the remaining 7 sessions of the concert due to flu infection, Kelly hoped he would not feel discouraging because of his application to Hong Kong Coliseum was rejected. She suggested him to hold the concert either in AsiaWorld Expo or Central Harbourfront Event Space and his fans would definitely feel happy.