Stephen Chow (周星馳) promoted his new film, The New King of Comedy (新喜劇之王) lately and it illustrated the working experiences as an extra at the time. Wang Baoqiang (王寶強), Jingwen (鄂靖文) and Stephen accepted an interview from Chinese media and Stephen expressed he worked as an extra including in TVB, and shared his bitter experiences upon joining the industry.

Stephen said: “Jingwen and Baoqiang are not born when I was working as an extra. Once, I feel there is improvement for me when speaking the dialogue and keep thinking about how to speak better. I asked the director to give me a chance to film the same scene again and begun to kneel down when he looked at me. I remembered I did kneel down and tell Jingwen about it. The director agreed to it eventually. I was at the radio station at the time and forgot about the series.”