Mandy Wong (黃智雯) looked sexy in a black bra and stockings with a white jacket at a clothes brand event with Irisa Shannon Wong (王麗嘉) on 23rd January 2019.

Mandy revealed she seldom dressed up sexily and should give it a try as an artiste, as she might not have the courage after a few years later. She did not need to report to her boyfriend because he respected her job. When mentioned about filming a reality show (一個因去跳舞) which was currently airing, Mandy replied she treated herself as a “student” for the Korea trip and had to forget her celebrity status. She resembled a piece of white paper which accepted criticisms from others.

Iris expressed her desire to venture into modelling industry since graduated last year and her parent, Michael Wong (王敏德) and Janet Ma (馬詩慧) supported her. Her mother acted as her manager temporarily.