Nancy Sit (薛家燕) revealed Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) and she were supposed to shoot at the marriage stone in the morning on 25th January 2019 but it was cancelled due to vomiting, when recording the show, Feng Shui for the New Year (新春開運王) on the same day.

Nancy also exposed Roxanne had several suitors and when asked if she was pregnant, Roxanne said: “I have been puking from 5am to 8am this morning and everyone keeps asking me if I am expecting. I have a stomach flu and you will know if it is true after October 2019.” Nancy said: “No need to and we will know after 3 months later.” Roxanne explained: “I gain weight easily and it is hard to see even after 3 months later.” She added her parent told her to know some guys as Roxanne had been returning home early for the past few days.