The traffic congestion problem is terrible and serious in Mainland China. Some people choose to take train than driving in order to avoid the issue and Qin Lan (秦嵐) who gains fame after shooting Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略) drama is one of them. Around 7.30pm on 29th January 2019, some netizen discovered Qin Lan wearing a mask in the train and posted the photo on Weibo, with a message: “Oh my god! I saw Qin Lan in the train and why is she taking the train? @Qin Lan”

Apparently, Qin Lan placed her celebrity status aside and behaved in low-key manner when taking the train. However, few people managed to recognise her and Qin Lan’s work studio replied to that situation after an hour later: “There is road works in Chang’an and Qin Lan has a rehearsal tonight. Hence, she decides to take a train and everyone is keeping fit under her supervision.” In addition, somebody recorded a video clip of Qin Lan felt breathless after running out from the train immediately and she told them to stop taking video of her. Thus, it is not easy to be an artiste at all.