Andy Lau (劉德華) was forced to cancel the remaining 7 sessions of his concert at Hong Kong Coliseum due to a serious flu infection in last December. His application to reschedule the concert in December 2019 was rejected and he had to refund the tickets to the audiences as a result. Around 11pm on 1st February, Andy announced he would think of other ways to make up to his fans who rejected the refund.

Andy said: “I realise there is complicated problems between the organisation committee and other companies when arranging the refund process. It is really unexpected and I have to wait for the problems to be resolved patiently by end February, before confirming the refund process.

It is time for me to make the explanation. Firstly, thank you for the audiences’ patience, trust and my fans who accept and reject the tickets refund. I understand some fans hope I will hold another concert again and it is out of my control to resolve the whole situation. Hence, I cannot represent other companies to make any responses.

However, I will make a personal promise to make up to the audiences who reject the refund once resolving the current problems and please keep the tickets well. Let me emphasise again that all my supporters are my friends and please save the refund details properly. Thank you and I will try to take care of you in the future. Happy new year and stay healthy always!”