Edison Chen (陳冠希) and Qin Shupei (秦舒培) have a daughter in 2017. He has been developing his career in US in recent years and managing his business, CLOT at the same time. However a few days ago, he started a war with the netizens because of his own brand business, CLOT and the arrow was pointed towards Eason Chan (陳奕迅) and Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) as well.

Based on the information, Edison released the latest clothes collection by CLOT for Lunar New Year on Instagram and the first message already provoked Edison: “Hope to see CLOT X MADNESS next year!” It caused Edison to rebut: “Never That!!! We Many Levels Above That Wack Shxt…… Never Knew You Were Lame Like That Too / But Now We All Know…… Enjoy!” From the look of it, Edison dislikes the brand, MADNESS owned by Shawn Yue (余文樂) and defended CLOT was higher than MADNESS by many levels.

Subsequently, many netizens joined in the war and some people supported CLOT, while another group of people supported MADNESS. Yet, another netizen angered Edison again: “I have no feelings towards MADNESS but your good friend, Eason Chan and Miriam Yeung used to support your brand, CLOT 10 years ago but changed to MADNESS now. You should do some reflections!”

As such, Edison drew a separate line between Eason and Miriam immediately and said: “They are not my friends so they can do what they want…… Lames hang with Lames…… They are small city folks…… We are on a different level…… Don’t even get me started on these snakes!” Evidently, “these snakes” that he is referring to are hypocrite friends and Edison is indeed very furious.

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