Fiona Sit (薛凱琪) was given a pink crystal ornament to increase her love luck at the autography session of Lee Shing Chak’s (李丞責) new book release on 2nd February 2019. As Shing Chak predicted she would have new romance in the summer, Fiona replied she sought advice from him before buying a flat for her parent and they became positive and happy once moving in. When asked if she planned to introduce her boyfriend to Shing Chak, Fiona said: “Should seek approval from my parent before Shing Chak since both are petty. I will continue the relationship if my parent has a good impression of him and the master dislikes him.”

Checking if she would be marrying wealthy man, Byron (鄧浩基) due to their rumours earlier, Fiona said: “I am currently single and prefer dating. I must make a cautious decision and it is extremely sad when choosing a wrong guy.”

As his wife, Sandy Lau (劉倩婷) rejected to have a baby this year, Shing Chak tried to convince her to have a baby next year instead: “I will try it again and there is higher chance to have a baby next year. In addition, I am very busy during festive seasons and we have gone for injection to prevent flu virus, despite afraid of the needles. I am thinking of asking her on the stage and should have higher chances of success.”