Chau Pak Ho (周柏豪) is considered Inez Leong’s (梁諾妍) senior since both work for the same company. As her relationship with Tony Hung (洪永城) is exposed last year, Inez becomes the target of the media immediately. When mentioned about being known as “good girlfriend”, Inez said happily: “Hahaha! Thank you and I have no idea until we end up together. (Going for flash marriage?) It does not cross my mind to announce my romance quickly. I feel quite scared initially and get used to it gradually. My career is my top priority and let nature take its course for other matters.” She also emphasised they were financially independent when Tony was taken photos of buying a flat as an investment earlier.

In addition, Inez wrote red couplet (豬運亨通) to give blessings to everybody and hoped to concentrate on her fitness centre next year.