Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) and Dickson Yu (余德丞) failed to remember the lyrics while singing the song (一事無成) together as a couple team at an event in a shopping mall on 2nd February 2019. Hence, they were forced to stop and sing the song again. During an interview, both confessed they only practised it together once and assumed it was easy. When mentioned about Dickson sang the song (我的宣言) solo, it made Sisley happy and she asked him: “Are you singing it to me? You must remember your promise! Dickson is a sweet and caring guy. (Add marks to him?) He has full marks anyway.”

As both parents were present, Sisley expressed they had met before and her mother praised Dickson was a good man who knew how to take care of other people. Checking if they visited each other during Lunar New Year, Dickson replied he planned to treat her to dinner twice and make sushi on 7th February. He also admitted his preference for Sisley having long hair and she said: “I try to have long hair and not because of Dickson but the role character in the future.”