Former Ms Hong Kong, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) sang her new song (愛的森林) and announced that she decided to enter into singing industry this year during autography session at Causeway Bay on 3rd February 2019. Her family turned up to show their supports and her daughter gave her a hug on the stage. Shirley confessed she felt nervous as a newcomer and it was her dream since young.

Shirley revealed she had not decided to release an album and it was a joint investment between the company and herself. She rejected to reveal the figure and felt happy to try out new challenge though. When asked if she wished to win a newcomer award, Shirley said: “No idea. I feel happy to participate and hope everybody will see my new MV soon. It is my first time to see myself very beautiful and the male lead in the MV is called “the prince” (太子). I also borrow a cat with blue eyes from my friend.”

Checking about her family’s comments towards her new song, Shirley replied they remarked it was nice and gave 100 marks, since she played it from day to night.