Singing diva, Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) enrolled both of her sons in an international school and revealed her younger son had to stop schooling due to a flu virus and high fever at 40 degree Celsius recently. Hence, Kelly felt extremely worried and her elder son was considered sensible and asked if his brother would recover soon. It is obvious they have close family bonding.

Earlier, East Week (東周) managed to get the school magazine and Kelly’s elder son has been studying over their for 3 consecutive years. His photo was published in the magazine and he appeared smart and a positive person. Besides that, he is arranged to stand at a best position in the group photo due to his tall built and big size. Looks like Kelly has put in lots of efforts and other students will think twice before bullying him.

In addition, East Week discovered that Kelly was waiting for her sons patiently with other parents by coincidence. Kelly definitely takes the biggest credit since taking care of them personally.