Tony Hung (洪永城) visited Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) at their house and got red packet from them on 8th February 2019. She also cooked her special dish, turnip cake (黃脆薯招牌香煎黃金蘿蔔糕) for him.

Subsequently, they shared their group photo on social media and Tony said to Priscilla: “I know you for a long time and you do not talk about bad stuff this time. Finally get red packet from you and I assume this day will never come. It is rare that you manage to fried turnip cake well and wash dishes too. I feel happy and relieved that you found a good partner who takes care of you very well forever.”

Priscilla then rebutted Tony: “We welcome you since you have not marry a wife who cooks turnip cake for you and please stop disturbing us after you get married.” Finally, Edwin made fun of Tony that he was a “tongzi” on Instagram: “A prosperity “tongzi” is here but he has lost it long ago. A prosperity man has arrived instead!”