Kenneth Ma (馬國明) accompanied his girlfriend, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) for Chinese New Year greeting in Mainland China but some netizens pointed she was arrogant. He defended her at TV City on 8th February 2019 that Jacqueline had dinner with her relatives in a private room at a restaurant as her elder sister did not hold a wedding banquet in China, but some people barged into the room and wanted to take photos with her. Hence, the situation became chaos: “We have taken photos with her relatives and other people including the staff wanted to take photos with us too. We tried our best to take photos with them but there was too many and it became a chaotic situation. Thus, we rejected their requests and it created a misunderstanding. Jacqueline is also unhappy because of this.”

When asked about Jacqueline’s granny (95 years old) impression of him, Kenneth said: “She does not really recognise me due to her age but remain energetic though. (Did she urge you to get married?) Nope. We are focusing on our careers and have no marriage thought yet.”