Ali Lee (李佳芯) expressed she planned to seek advice from Kenneth Ma (馬國明) to buy peach blossom trees during Chinese New Year but did not get to see him until now at an activity (親子醒獅開運大巡遊) in Tsuen Wan on 9th February 2019. Hence, she relied on her taste and bought it by herself: “Somebody said I must walk one round by the tree and have been doing it daily. (People born in dog zodiac year have good love luck this year?) It includes affinity and love from the audiences as well.”

Asking if she would be marrying her boyfriend, Danny Chan (陳炳銓) in 2019, Ali said: “We have no marriage thought now and will not give a shock to the public. My uncle used to urge me to get married but has given up in recent years. (What about Danny’s relatives?) Urging him and not me anyway.” She added she had dinner with her boyfriend’s family during new year and they did not give him any pressure at all.