Louis Koo (古天樂) was given a imperial crown by 2 children during an activity at Causeway Bay on 11th February 2019. He was also given a golden microphone as everyone wished Louis would continue singing this year. He expressed he was required to arrange the traditional customs as the eldest son in the family and hoped to stay healthy forever.

During an interview, Louis confessed he was currently shooting new film and did not have any intention to release an album: “I will be travelling to Myanmar and Spain to film an action movie for a month, followed by the movie version, A Step into the Past (尋秦記). (How is your old injuries?) I have filmed a fighting scene earlier and gun shoot scene in Spain later. (Your neck has plaster?) I went for an operation not long ago and the doctor told me to apply plaster for 6 months, in order to remove the scar. (How to continue the filming?) The script added a gun wound scene for me.”

Asking if he had any windfall during Lunar New Year, Louis said: “The company gives red packets and I feel happy to receive red packets even at my age. I also visit my mother during the festive season. (Did your relatives urge you to get married?) Nope. I usually go to 7 or 8 relatives’ houses and more than 10 people are around. They always take photos of me including taking red packets and requesting for autographs. Hence, one person takes at least 5 photos and time passes quickly.”

In addition as the President of Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild (演藝人協會), Louis revealed it would be releasing a mobile application: “We are currently conducting an experiment and making an announcement next month. We will focus on the artistes’ information and strengths and they can upload their selfies online. The public is allowed to leave their messages and it is considered an interaction when the movie and advertising companies are looking for appropriate artiste.”

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190211/59247514