Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) has been living in Canada after having a daughter, Kelly (2.5 years old) and son, Jared Anthony who is turning 6 months old soon. Before Lunar New Year, she returned to Hong Kong to shoot an advertisement and appeared to spend all her time on her children: “It is easier to handle one child and different when having two children. It will take a longer time for me to make a comeback after having my second child. However, my son is very obedient and eats and sleeps well. He keeps smiling and I call him happy baby. Jared weighs 20 pound at 5 months old and Kelly is smaller than him when compared to him.”

Linda hoped to continue breastfeeding until he reached one year old and had enough milk, due to her improved experiences. She enjoyed the feeling of being a mother and had no intention to have another baby temporarily: “I have discussed with my husband and we will decide again after 6 to 7 years later. It is a blessing to have a son and a daughter and my family is my top priority. I need to cook while using my leg to rock the cradle and training myself to another level. I used to be a little girl and become a superwoman now.” Linda added she was not afraid of hardship and did everything personally so as to enhance her growing up stage: “I did not know how to cook and manage my finance in the past and my schedule is arranged by somebody. It is difficult to be a mother but strengthen both of my hands though.”

It looks like Linda has become a housewife now and admitted that she had no intention to make a comeback unless encountering a good script: “My babies are in my stomach for 20 months within this 3 years and I have been breastfeeding for 24 months. It is important to take care of my children until they reach 4 years old and I might work depending on the timing. I did think of balancing my family and career at the same time but it is very difficult and I choose my family, as it enhances my experiences.”

Other than shooting a commercial in Hong Kong this time, Linda also composed a song and begun the work after Kelly turned 9 months old. It inspired her of a new song when carrying her daughter to sleep and she filled in the lyric after 2 weeks later. Linda’s family including her husband loved the song which gave her an unforgettable memory upon using in an advertisement. It had been 4 years since she released new song and Linda hoped everyone would love it and become a film director in the future. Checking about her plan to release another album, Linda said: “I focus on one song for now and it is harder for me to take care of my family once singing contract with a music company. Let’s take one step at a time and my wish is finally granted after composing a new song. It is unexpected that I can do it after more than 10 years.”