Simon Yam (任達華) was invited to a dinner party for new film, Little Q (小Q) on 12th February 2019. It was obvious that he built close bonding with the double for the female lead and the guide dog, Pudding (布丁) in the movie and stirred the jealousy of his dog at home. Simon said: “Because I bring the guide dog home to build bonding for 2 weeks and we are good friends now. The Best Actress (最佳女主角) Award will go to Pudding in 2020 because of our emotion scenes.”

Simon revealed it was extremely suffering as Little Q had 8 stuntmen and 6 scenes had 40 to 50 NG and had 3 to 4 NG with Pudding only: “Pudding and I filmed many scenes and we resemble a couple after taking him home for 2 weeks. (Is your wife, Qi Qi jealous?) Nope. Pudding and I have special training and it sticks to me naturally.”