Andy Lau (劉德華) appeared energetic and accepted the charity donation, $2 million in a cheque on behalf of the organisation committee at an event related to exercises (傷健共融步行 X 運動日起步禮) as the main guest at Ma On Shan on 17th February 2019.

Mentioning about composing the song, Everyone is No. 1 for Paralympic Games 10 years ago on the stage, Andy said: “I keep telling myself that I am no. 1 since young and can do it even when everyone has no confidence in me.” When the host asked about the methods to encourage himself during the resting period after falling down from a horse in 2017, Andy said: “I felt very lonely and kept watching series while receiving treatments at the hospital for 2.5 months. The netizens and medical team had been encouraging me by using the words that I used to motivate people in the past. It makes me realise the importance of the recovery stage after having injuries.”

During an interview, Andy disclosed he travelled to Malaysia with his daughter to visit his family during Lunar New Year: “Giving and receiving red packets at the same time and I try to go back every year. (Does she like festive season?) She feels happy everyday and it is a joy to see her family. (Applying to hold another concert at Hong Kong Coliseum?) Trying my best.” He believed there was hope for a better tomorrow when the reporters mentioned the concert might be unsuccessful again.

Reminding that Hong Kong Coliseum was a hot spot, Andy said: “I can wait slowly and it is happy to see everyone wishes me to complete this mission. (Incurring a heavy administration fees due to making ticket refunds and reorganising the concert?) It is my own problem and I prefer to reorganise the concert by myself, as it is troublesome to have a business partner. I have no idea about the sponsors and there is no ways to sell the tickets.”

As the main purpose was to make up to his fans due to cancelling his last concert, it was impossible to sell the tickets to the public if all audiences would be turning up. Hence, Andy must apply for at least 7 days slot: “I need to hold 10 sessions (minimum) if selling the tickets to the public as well. Anyway, I will be applying for the slot consisting of 10 sessions first.”

Nevertheless, Andy remained positive despite his application to Hong Kong Coliseum failed this year: “I cancelled it once and the rejection makes sense after approving it for two years. I must continue to support the local entertainment industry and thank you for the supports all along. Other artistes are equally important too.” He emphasised he would kept applying until successful: “My work is not arranged for next year yet and I will leave an empty schedule for my concert in February. I might rest or do other work if it fails again.” Lastly when asked if he would specially take care of his health since currently preparing for his world tour concert, Andy laughed and said: “Please do not think too much and it is nothing really.”